3000 Watt PEP LDMOS Amplifier

3000 Watt PEP LDMOS Amplifier



This RF Amplifier includes 2 BLF188XR LDMOS Transistors and a Copper Heat Spreader (drilling and tapping is required). The transistors used are extremely rugged and can withstand an SWR mismatch for 65:1 or greater at all phase angles. The PC board is professionally fabricated and is designed to produce a very high efficiency (greater than 75%). The amplifier is design for the High Frequency Band and supports CW, FM, AM and SSB operating modes. The bias current is preset to 500mA and can be readjusted by use of 2 independent potentiometers. A Low Pass Filter and Attenuator must be added for FCC compliance. The board dimensions are 4" wide by 7.5" long. A large aluminum heat sink and forced air are required for reliable operation. Units ships with schematic, installation guidelines, and operating setup instructions. I also provide free technical support by email.


Product Description: Dual Board

  • 3000 watts Maximum PEP Output Power
  • Operating Voltage 50 - 56 volts DC
  • Current Draw 40 - 50 amps
  • Input power 1.0 – 1.5 watts RMS
  • Idle Current 250mA per transistor
  • Operating Class AB
  • Frequency Range 1.8 to 54 MHz
  • Cooling Requirements - Forced air


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