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1.1 LDMOS Overview:

The latest developments in LDMOS transistor technology have enabled these devices to be excellent replacements for bipolar transistors and traditional electron tubes. This technology provides lower operation temperatures, greater efficiencies, higher power output, and higher tolerances to impedance mismatches.  In recent years, LDMOS has become the leading technology for a wide variety of RF power applications including base station broadcasting in AM, FM, SSB, VHF, UHF modes, as well as industrial, scientific, medical, and radar applications.


The BLF188XR and BLF578XR power LDMOS transistors are designed primarily for broadband RF power amplifiers with frequencies up to 600 MHz. This family of devices is considered Extremely Rugged and can withstand SWR’s of greater than 65:1 at all phase angles around the Smith chart. The BLF18XX family operates on 50 volts DC and is ideal for all linear amplifier applications.


1.2 Features and benefits

  • Easy power control

  • High power output - 1400 Watts CW

  • Integrated ESD protection

  • Excellent ruggedness - SWR’s of 65:1 or greater

  • Very high efficiency - Up to 80%

  • Excellent thermal stability

  • Designed for broadband operation - HF to 600 MHz

  • Compliant to Directive 2002/95/EC, regarding Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS)

1.3 Applications


  • Industrial, scientific and medical applications

  • Broadcast transmitter applications including Short wave and Ham Radio


Watch video demonstrating the ruggedness of LDMOS XR technology:

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